Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The BMW is gone now, but I have written an extensive maintenance journal at this URL:
Any questions you want to ask, or comments can go here. The usual caveats apply to anything I may write.


  1. Robert,
    I have owned 93 K1100lt BMW for 7-8 years- 74000 miles...My winter project is to remove
    fairing/bags etc...etc. Goal is alter tail section,seat,cosmetic etc etc...clip-ons,headers
    into 2 etc etc...A bare bones street fighter...
    I believe the Flyin-brick @ 13-1 comp & @ wheel
    h.p. could get some serious respect from the goofy wheelie kids along the coast...My local small-very capable V-twin shop is willing to do
    this with me...Having stumbled upon you K-bike web journal looking for a good service manual.....Seems that you have extensive knowledge
    of beemer-ks...There are 8-zillion manuals out there..
    Who's shop manual would you suggest I get for my local shop buddies (Knuckleheadz Kustomz)here in
    Morehead City NC...
    Thank You very much for any suggestions you may render...
    John Horky

  2. What price is respect? Apparently 200 plus horsepower is available with this turbocharger.

    RB Racing Turbo

    On my motorcycle website, I often refer to two manuals, the Clymer manual and the BMW manual (on CD), and the differences between the two. I am not aware of any other shop manual available. There is also an online parts manual at this link.

    Online Parts Manual

    While you have the bike apart, make sure to check out the clutch splines.

  3. Robert, I own several k1100lt's now and have owned two in the past that I put 92,000 miles each with no issues. The splines must be lubed every 50,000 according to my tech and the BMW owners manual, so I do it. It is time consuming but not difficult. My wife and I own about 36 bikes now and like them all, but if i had to own one it would be the K1100lt. It is the best all around ( handling, speed, power, brakes, weather protection) bike for me. I do wish it wasn't so top heavy but that too can be fixed. As for the vibration, you must not ever had a harley in the old days. You could have fixed the vibs by shimming the frame, that will cut the vibs down greatly, or use Bar Snake in the handle bars. My K11 1995 will be my main bike and I'll ride that until it gets high miles around 500,000 or so. They will go farther but a lot of little things start to go out. The only improvement I would like on these bikes it the Tele-lever front forks. We have R1100RT's and R1150Rt's and the are good bikes but the forks really make it handle. I don't see going from a K1100LT to a Vulcan but you must ride what good for you. The neck bearing on any bike should be checked and greased or at least adjusted, this will make them last longer. You and I like the same bikes because I have a F650 , Tri 1969 Bonni and 1998 Tiger, Burgman 400 and 650, KLR Kaw. I enjoyed reading about someone else with a K1100LT, be safe. Dale in Mich

  4. Dale: Thanks for your comment. I was surprised when you said that the BMW owners manual called for lubing the splines every 50,000 miles. I don't have my manual any more, but I do not remember that. Maybe the schedule was revised in a later manual? Anyway, I did go to a BMW dealer at about 100,000 miles to ask them to look at the clutch splines, and he said it was not necessary, and that it would cost at least $1000 to lube them or even look at them. The clutch splines failed the next day not far from home. Luckily I got home first, the dealer is 90 miles from here.

    You're right I never had, or even rode an old time Harley. I have all my old bikes listed on my Microverse website, and most did not vibrate too bad. The thing about the K1100LT was that sometimes my hand would "go to sleep", and I would have to take it off the bar to shake it out. Other times, I basically felt nothing. That did not happen on my other bikes.

  5. Help! I just got a R1100lt. I was told it had a bad front brake switch and that is why the red triangle indicator was on in the instrument panel. I took the switch out (it was bad) and before I went through the trouble of installing the new one, I striped the wires so I could manually open and close the circuit. The indicator light is still on and tail brake light still on.
    What does the red indictor light indicate??

  6. I don't know what you are doing with the wiring harness, or when you are doing it, but maybe you are preventing the BMW ABS computer module from performing it's brake light bulb test properly.

  7. Hallo from Norway..
    Thank you for the interesting information abouth the windshield,.On my R1150RT and my GS I use the Laminare LIP ..It is the best sofare,,but I wil make my own windshield like you did..
    Have I nice and safe ride.,,form Norway..

    1. I have never used the Laminar Lip, but I'm thinking of getting one for my current motorcycle.

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